Oh Shit! These People Died While Sitting On Toilet

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Death is the most unexpected thing that can take place at any point of time. You never know how you're going to face it.

We are not given a chance to choose the way we die, especially when it is a natural or an accidental one. This is the time when you least expect it and it happens.

In this article, we are here to share about the cases in which people have died while they were answering their nature's call. Find out about the most bizarre and embarrassing ways of how people have died.

From famous personalities to the common people, all these guys have met the most tragic end.
Read on to find out more about the people who have died while they were sitting on a toilet seat.

Lenny Bruce

He was a well-known American stand-up comedian, social critic and screewriter. But, he was into a very bad habit of taking drugs. He was arrested a couple of times for perforimg "obscene material" in his shows. He was found dead in his Hollywood house bathroom, sitting naked on the toilet seat with a needle still on.

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Elvis Presley

He died while sitting on the throne at his Graceland mansion. His fiancee reported that he was unable to sleep and had informed her about him studying some book in the bathroom. In the morning, she found him dead. However, coroner reported he'd died of a cardiac arrhythmia. And the rest story was made as a coverup.

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Husband & Mother-in-law Died After Jumping Into An Open Toilet

This was such an unexpected event in which a woman dropped her brand new phone inside an open toilet. Her husband jumped in to take out the phone, but when he got stuck, his mother jumped in to save her son. By the time the ambulance was called, both the mother and son duo had lost conscious and had died on their way to the hospital.

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Convict Who Escaped Death Row, Electrocuted On A Toilet

Michael Anderson Godwin was on a death row in Columbia, South Carolina. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment. However, he was electrocuted while he was sitting on a metal toilet seat and was trying to fix a broken headphone.

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Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2016, 12:19 [IST]
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