The Most Toxic Places On Earth

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Since the time mankind has existed, there have been only cases of humans destroying the planet. With constant pollutants and poisonous gases, there has been only destruction that the poor mother nature faces. This can make us wonder about which are the toxic places on earth that are destroyed by mankind.

The toxins and the toxic level is only increasing every single day which is minimising the resources' availability for the future generation.

Here, in this article, we are about to share information on some of the most toxic places on earth which have made it really difficult for the mankind alone to survive.

These are the most dangerous toxic places on earth that one can think of. There have been attempts to reduce the toxic levels at these places; however, no one has been successful until now.

So, find out about these places that are so toxic that it has made life hell for the people who have been living here.

Linfen, China

This is the most polluted city in the world. Apparently, the air here is so bad that when you leave your clothes out to air dry, it can turn them black!

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

This is an island which is over two times the size of Texas and is 30-feet deep and floats in the Pacific Ocean. It mainly consists of plastic wastes, which have spoilt the marine life.

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Rondonia, Brazil

This is the most deforested area in the region of Amazon Rainforest. Trees have been cut in thousands of acres in this area and they have been slashed and burned down. Due to the change in ecosystem, there is a lot of damage that has been done, thus making it one of the most toxic places on earth.

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Yamuna River

There have been several attempts to clean this river, but it is going on at a snail's pace, hence adding on to the garbage buildup around. The city of New Delhi contributes about 3,296 MLD of sewage per day alone, which is too much for the underfunded treatment facilities to handle.

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La Oroya, Peru

High amount of lead has polluted this city. When children living in the neighbourhood were tested for lead, the results were a shocking positive, as lead was found in their bloodstream at very high levels, which is quite alarming.

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Lake Karachay, Russia

A person can get a lethal dose within an hour of being in this area due to the amount of radiation from nuclear waste dumping that has been taking place in the area. There have been many cases of childbirth defects and leukaemia in the surrounding area, which makes it a highly toxic place to live in.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 9:19 [IST]
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