Most Painful Stings & Bites In The World

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There are many creatures in the animal kingdom that are venomous and are capable of attacking their prey by injecting venom into it. One needs to have a knowledge of these venomous creatures that can harm and affect you when you are bitten.

We all are well aware that there is no particular time for a tragedy to strike. It can happen at any given point of time and at any given place. So, one must be careful enough and know about these creatures to avoid further damage.

So, here's why we're listing out information on the most painful stings and bites of venomous animals, in this article.

These stings and bites can even leave a person to be paralysed totally cutting the functionality of the affected part.

Take a look at some of the dangerous creatures in the animal kingdom that you need to know about, as their stings and bites can be highly painful or even be a major life threat.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

These spiders are also known as banana spiders, as they are generally found on banana leaves. They are extremely poisonous to humans and are considered as the deadliest spiders.

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Candiru Fish

This fish can get inside the human body through the genital opening and gorge itself on the human blood cells. This is one of the deadliest ways in which a fish can attack a human. It is very difficult to remove this fish without a surgery.
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Arizona Bark Scorpion

These are the most venomous scorpions that are found in North America. The venom causes acute pain and can lead to frothing at the mouth and a person to have muscle convulsions.
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The Viper Snake

Viper bites are reputed to be the most painful bites. The envenomation from a viper can even kill a human in a short span of time.
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Stonefishes are the most venomous fishes in the world. A painful sting from this fish can kill you! So, make sure you do not step on it while walking on a beach.
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Black Widow

This is one of the most notorious spiders. Though generally the bite of this spider is benign, you could be unlucky if the spider is big in size. When the spider stings, it can cause a constant strong painful muscle contraction that can seem to be never ending.
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Sweat Bee

They are very large bees that are usually dark-coloured and often metallic in appearance.
It is one of the most common bees found in the world. These bees sting if you try to remove them from your skin.
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Bullhorn Acacia Ant

These ants are known to be very aggressive and they generally attack the insects, but when the humans come in contact with these ants, it can be a tough time for the humans.
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Common Honeybee

Did you know that the honey bees die after stinging the intruder? Though an average adult can withstand a honeybee sting, multiple stings can cause death to the people with poor heart conditions.
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Amazon Giant Centipede

Do you know that these carnivorous centipedes can actually grow up to a feet long and just a potent bite can even kill large preys like mice and bats? Quite shocking isn't it! If you are ever stung by this centipede, the pain can last up to 12 hours.
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Story first published: Monday, April 11, 2016, 17:09 [IST]
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