Most Iconic Photos Ever Taken

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Pictures make memories and these memories are something that we wish to look back at and enjoy the flashback with some good funny thoughts. However, what if these pictures are something that haunt you every time you look at them?

Well, in this article, we are here to share some of the most iconic photos ever clicked. Most of these pictures will make you feel pity and bad about things that have happened in this world.

These iconic pictures are 100% real and depict haunting memories of people who have suffered within. These images are enough to self-describe about how they have haunted the minds of the people after that.

Check out for the list of these most iconic photos that have been clicked and do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Largest Grave Of Bergen-Belsen

During 1941 to 1945, around 20,000 Soviet Prisoners of war and over 50,000 inmates from Bergen-Belsen were mercilessly killed. The German physician who is seen walking over the bodies was sentenced to death due to his cruelty and brutality.

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Hanging Of Black People In The US

This image was clicked by Lawrence Beitler. It shows the hanging of two black people being punished for rape. The claims of rape were false, but it was too late, as they were already dead.

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“An Iconic Image”

Steve Ludlum is the man who took this iconic image, just seconds after the plane crashed into the twin towers. He captured this image when he saw some smoke in the air and while clicking casually, he captured this very image. This image has become the cover image of New York Times.

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A Falling Man

This image was shot by Richard Drew. It shows a man trying to escape from one of the top floors of World Trade Centre. He was trapped in the fire and jumped to save himself, but sadly, he succumbed.

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Gas Tragedy In India

This image was taken by Pablo Bartholomew, which shows a child being buried after a gas tragedy in Bhopal, India. Over 50,000 people were killed due to this tragic event and millions affected due to the poisonous gas emission.

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Brutality Of The Vietnam War

Eddie Adams was the man who shot this deadly picture, in which this young lad was shot dead in his head. It is believed that he had killed over 12 people and was being punished for it.

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Prisoners Being Tortured In Iraq

This image is from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq clicked by a United States Army and a CIA agent. It shows how the inmates are tortured, raped, sodomised and even murdered by the troops.

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