Most Haunted Objects Of All Time

Who knew that sitting on a chair would kill them? Find out more such creepy stories about the most haunted objects of all times.

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Scary stuff surely does creep us out. And witnessing about some of the most haunted objects gets even more scary.

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Here, in this article, we are about to share the list of some of the most haunted objects of all times. These are the objects that have been haunting people for years now and some of these objects are chained or held captive.

Most Haunted Objects Of All Time

Check out these interesting objects that have become famous due to the creepy stories associated with their existence. We bet you would have a tough time in sleeping after knowing about them!

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Note: We are not sure if some of these are just rumours or if they are actually real, yet we would like you to read on.

Annabella, The Possessed Doll!

This doll has a creepy story behind it! A young girl was gifted this doll by her mother and after a point, the girl and her roommate noticed that odd things started happening around the doll. On one fine day, the doll was standing on its own feet, after which the doll was taken to a witch doctor who claimed that the doll was possessed.

Yet the girls kept the doll with them until things got more creepier and the doll started hurting people who visited the girl. When they had got the doll checked again with another pastor, it was revealed that the doll was possessed by a demon and not a spirit. Since then, the doll has been caged and a note on the box reads "Warning: Positively Do Not Open."

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The "Haunted Painting” Effect!

There have been many rumours about this painting of a little boy and a creepy doll. The owner of the doll claimed that the boy moved around in the painting and once had seen him standing outside the painting!

There were talks which said that the painting causes sickness, screaming and fear among the people who ever had bought it. The painting was named "The Hands Resist Him," by the artist who made it. We're still wondering why he named it so!
P.S: The painting is haunted more by hype than by the supernatural powers.

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The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

(Believe At Your Own Risk) Guests who visit the plantation have reported seeing figures lurking in the mirror. To add on, they even see child-sized handprints on the glass. People claim that the mirror contains the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her children. They were poisoned to death.

There was a baseless rumour that mirrors should be covered after death to prevent spirits from getting trapped in them, and this mirror was not covered, hence the spirits of these dead people were trapped in the mirror.

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Haunted Wedding Dress That Dances On Its Own!

Anna Baker was a girl from a rich family who fell in love with a low-class iron worker. Her father refused to get his daughter married to the love of her life and Anna ended up spending her life as a spinster.

This was the dress she had got stitched for her dream wedding. This dress was passed on to another woman who was getting married at that time. The house and the dress of that wealthy lady was turned into a museum after which people started noticing that the dress which was kept in a glass shelf was moving on its own and dancing. It is believed that it contains Anna's spirit.

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Haunted Doll That Curses People

A little boy named Robert Eugene Otto in Key West, Florida, was gifted this creepy doll by a servant of his house who practiced black magic. The boy adored the doll and would often talk to it for hours together. His family freaked out when they heard the doll would also respond to the boy, but they ignored it thinking it was the boy who was talking in a different tone.

Years passed and the boy died after which the house was sold and the doll was sent to an art gallery and historical museum in Key West. The reports say that one needs to take permission before clicking the picture of the doll, and if anybody failed, then the doll would curse them!

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"The Anguished Man"

This scary-looking painting was kept in an attic for over twenty-five years before a man named Sean Robinson inherited it from his grandmother. She had told him that the painting was an evil one, as the painter had used his own blood to make the painting.

He laughed about it and took the painting home only to experience some of the creepy instances where there was unwanted harm caused to the family. They saw the shadow man and heard crying and howling sounds. Yet, we must say, this man is brave enough to have the painting still at his place.


Here is a video of the "The Anguished Man" and the creepy things that happen in the house. Check it out if you dare to!


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