Most Bizarre Deaths Ever Recorded

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Death is something that cannot be stopped, changed or put on hold. When it is time for you to tell the world a final adieu you would have to and there can be nothing that can stop you from it.

In this article, we are here to share some of the most bizarre deaths that have ever been recorded. Read on to know more about the most untimely deaths that can give you nightmares with just the thought of it.

When you read about these stories, we're sure you are going to thank the Lord that you are alive! These bizarre ways of how people have died would want to make you follow good deeds to die peacefully.

So, find out about the most bizarre and weird ways people have been killed. Most of these can confuse you as to how even moments can take away your life.

Read on to know more about these shocking deaths.

Died While He Pooped

A man named Michael Anderson Godwin died while he was electrocuted on a metal pot while he was repairing his TV. He was assumed to have bit an electric wire in order to cut and he was instantly jolted out of this world!

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Stuck In Windshield

A woman named Chante Jawan Mallard was driving her car in an intoxicated condition and hit a homeless pedestrian named Gregory Biggs. Poor man was stuck onto her windshield and was alive for a few hours. But, since the lady was in an inebriatedstate, she drove until her house and let the man die while bleeding in the same state.

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Holy Flying Cow!

Who could have imagined this kind of a death, where a cow falls on you from your rooftop! Well, a man named Joao Maria de Souza was crushed to death instantly when a cow wandering from a nearby farm had climbed the roof of his house.

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A Chainsaw Suicide

Fifty-year-old David Phyall from Bishopstoke, Hampshire, is said to have killed himself using this bizarre suicide way. It is said that he put the chainsaw on timer and stuck his neck on to it. All it took was a few seconds to slice his head off, but it didn't completely cut him and his head was still hanging on to his body.

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Exploding Under Pressure

Truls Hellevik's death was the worst ever in mankind, when his entire body blasted and his body parts rained over the entire oil rig. A section of his spine was blasted around 30 feet into the air. He was a Norwegian diver who was working in an oil rig, "Byford Dolphin", and was killed instantly when a chamber decompressed explosively killing all the divers instantly.

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Execution By Elephants

Over 150 years back in India, execution of prisoners was done by making them lie down and making the elephant walk over them crushing their head with the heavy foot. Earlier, during that era, it is believed that the foot of the elephants were fitted with iron blades, so that the bodies could be cut into pieces.

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Killed By A Flying Lawnmower

Who can ever imagine this kind of a death EVER! A man named John Bowen was attacked by a flying lawnmower that literally flew in air. His head was injured in a very gruesome way and it was split from the centre. It looked like he was attacked by an axe.

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