Misconceptions Men Have About Female Body

This is one of the easiest ways that can help men understand a female’s body. These are some of the misconceptions that men have about the body of women! Read on.

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Most men have misconceptions about the female body and these misconceptions date back for as long as one can even remember!

This is because nobody paid attention during Biology classes, the female body is still a mystery to almost all.

Misconceptions Men Have About Female Body

We are here to clear some of the misconceptions and myths related to female bodies that most of us are not aware of!

So, check out some of these interesting misconceptions that need to be cleared and we're sure after this, most men would not have the kind of doubts they had earlier.


Myth#1: ‘Women Don’t Have An Adam’s Apple’!

Fact: Wrong! Most women don't have an Adam's apple that shows. It is more prominent in men because men have ahigh level of testosterone and the angle of the cartilage which differs for both the sexes!


Myth#2: ‘Squirting Is Like Peeing’

Fact: No, it is not! Squirting happens when a woman achieves an orgasm and the liquid literally squirts out with a bit of force. But it is not the same as in case of peeing.


Myth#3: ‘Women Have Smaller Bladders Than Men’

Fact: No, size does not matter! Women pee more often than men because their bladder is positioned in a lower position and it has less space to expand as compared to a man's bladder. Hence, this makes people wonder if they have a smaller bladder!


Myth#4: ‘Only Women Experience Menopause’

Fact: False! Men also undergo menopause and it is called "andropause ". In this condition, men have a decreased level of testosterones in their body.


Myth #5: ‘Period Blood Is Like Excreta’

Fact: It makes no sense at all, as it is not a fact! Period blood has nothing but blood and tissues from the uterus wall. Whoever thinks that period blood is like excreta needs to get his facts right!


Myth #6: ‘Urethra And Vagina Are The Same’

Fact: They are not the same! Let's get the facts right here! The urethra is what a woman uses to pee and the vagina is for sexual intercourse. We hope it has cleared the doubt now!

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2016, 9:50 [IST]
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