Miracle Babies Who've Survived Against All Odds

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Giving birth to babies is one of the best feelings a woman could have ever asked for. However, what if the child is unwanted?

Or the mother does not want to carry the child, as it reminds her of her past, which still haunts her?

There are so many cases out there in which the mothers have tried to kill their little newborns. They turn heartless and are sometimes forced to do so due to the pressure they face from their family members.

On the other hand, there have been stories of babies who were prematurely born and yet have survived against all odds.

Here, in this article, we've shared some interesting, spine-chilling stories of babies who have survived against all odds.

These are the babies who have either been thrown off the building or have accidentally fallen down, but have still survived.

Find out more about these miracle babies and how they have survived. Read on to know more.

The Baby Who Survived After Being Buried For 24 Hours!!

Police found a newborn who was abandoned in a burrow in a small town of Brazil. The placenta was still attached to his body. Initially, the police thought that the baby was dead, but he was actually sleeping. When the cops removed the mud from his mouth, the poor baby started to cry. The mother was later arrested.

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The Baby Who Was Stuck In A Toilet Pipe

A tenant had heard the baby's cries in a public restroom of a residential building in eastern China and called the cops. The baby weighed 2.8 kg while its placenta was still attached to it. It was not clear how the baby ended up in the toilet. The police were treating the case as an attempted homicide.

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The Newborn Who Survived A Fall Through A Train's Toilet

This is a true miracle. A newborn baby girl survived a fall onto the train tracks after being born in the train's lavatory. The mother felt a sharp stomach pain while travelling and had chosen to use the toilet. The baby slipped through the toilet bowl and fell on the tracks. The mother jumped out of the train to check on the baby. Luckily, both survived but were slightly bruised.

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The Baby Who Survived A Bullet In The Chest

A couple in Argentina were disturbed by the thought of the world ending due to global warming. The best thing they could do to protect their children from such a terrible fate was to end their lives. They shot themselves and their two kids. Amazingly, this little toddler was found by the cops who revealed that apart from being shot by a bullet, the little baby was going without food or water for three days! He recovered later.

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The Baby Who Was Found Crying In The Morgue

This little kid was declared dead and was in the morgue for 12 hours! Apparently, the baby was born three months premature and showed no signs of life. Her parents insisted on seeing her for the last time. When they suddenly heard a tiny cry, they confirmed she was alive and was doing good.

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The Baby Who Survived An Eight-Story Fall!

This baby was tossed from the 8th floor of a building, as the mother did not want the child. Miraculously, the baby survived, as he fell on a pile of garbage that proved to be a cushion for him. That's a true God's grace, we must say!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 30, 2016, 1:39 [IST]
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