Meet The World’s Worst Boyfriends

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When a relationship goes kaput, there are reasons for it not to work. It can be due to the fights or the misunderstandings that happen.

Generally, when a relationship ends, it does not end on a good note. Revenge is the first thing that comes's to people's mind. In this article, we are about to share some of the chilling stories of worst boyfriends ever to be noted.

These are the stories which will make your blood boil with anger, as it goes to show how a man can act in worst-case scenarios. Find out more about the world's worst boyfriends who have ruined relationship goals.

These are the guys who have hit their girlfriends or got them raped. They had no shame in going to any extent just to make sure they have spoilt their ex's life. So, read on to know more.

The Man Who Sent Sexual Pictures Of His Ex-Girlfriend

David Simmons took photographs of his ex-girlfriend who was performing sexual acts with him during their relationship. He did it without her knowledge. After their breakup, he created a Christmas card and sent it to her family.

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The Guy Who Robbed His Pregnant Girlfriend

A man named Vinson was all ready to welcome his child, when suddenly he punched his lady in the head and threatened to kill her, if she would not give him money to buy beer. Luckily, she was treated at the hospital and was fine.

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The Guy Who Arranged For His Ex-GF's Rape!

A man named Jebidiah James Stipe posed with his ex-girlfriend on a social site and posted an ad for seeking an aggressive man. After the ad was posted, a man accepted the offer and forced his way into the woman's house and tied her up and raped her at knife point. When the truth was revealed, James was charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree sexual assault.

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The Guy Who Beat Up His Armless, Legless Girlfriend

Jacoby Smith looks like a guy with a big heart when you would learn that he had a girlfriend who was armless and legless. However, the fact was that he hit his GF in the face 10 times, in order to get his point across. When confronted, he said he did it for self-defense! Really??

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The HIV+ Man Who Faked An HIV Test

Duane Lang was desperate to get his girlfriend in bed. He faked an HIV test when he was positive. He fabricated a document from the AIDS Center of Queens County in Rego Park, which stated that he had tested negative in a rapid HIV test. He was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and forgery.

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Story first published: Monday, June 6, 2016, 5:30 [IST]
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