List Of Weirdest Statues Ever Made

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Sculptures are something that we all as humans are fascinated about since eras. We have seen the oldest sculptures that are of the stone ages. It does depict a message or two.

We do come across statues that explain a lot. Be it Kamasutra or an emotional way to show your love to your pet, most of the statues have been beautifully carved.

In this article today, we are here to share the list of the weirdest, funniest and craziest statues that have been made by the mankind.

When you see these statues, it could make you even think why on earth would somebody do this or create something as bizarre as this. Let the reason be anything, you are going to enjoy looking at these statues for sure.

These statues do hold a great significance and importance, which is why we're here to share the list of these unique statues present across the world.

Read on to know more.

Hungry Alligator

This unique statue was made in Brooklyn, and it depicts an alligator coming out of the sewers to eat the baby. May be on a lighter note, they didn't want the parents to let their kids on a lose.

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The Man-Pig Statue In Haw Par Villa, Singapore

This statue looks quite disturbing, as it depicts a lust-crazed pig bust a move on a reluctant mouse.



'The Travellers Have Arrived'

This unique sculpture was sculpted by Gillie and Marc by the sea in the year 2012. It looks a bit funny though, as the dog/human hybrid is riding on a horse.


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Selling Watches

This statue shows a man selling too many watches in Vancouver. We guess it was dedicated to a hawker who used to sell these watches on the streets.

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Middle Finger

This piece of art is carved by David Černý, who is known for his unique art. Now, we wonder does this statue even need an explanation? Well, the gesture tells it all!

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Giant Monkey

This statue is very pleasing to the eyes, as you can see a huge monkey who is watching over a village and he has two white humans sitting on his palms.


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Giant Spider Statue In Ottawa

This giant spider in Ottawa can give you nightmares if you see it in the night. It is one of the world's largest sculptures ever to be made by humans.


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Laughing Statues In Vancouver

This is best of all the statues that we have come across. It has 14 enormous bronze statues that are perfectly shaped and all the men laughing hysterically.

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“Child Eater Fountain”

This is one of the most terrifying fountains one can ever come across in the city of Berns. The mystery of this statue is that nobody knows why it is standing there for!

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Story first published: Monday, April 4, 2016, 12:24 [IST]
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