List Of Top Psycho Women Killers

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The words "serial killer" make you imagine a guy who has a dagger or a machete in his hand who mercilessly kills people around him. Well, what if the serial killer turns out to be a woman? Sounds crazy right?

In this article, we are here to share the list of top psycho women serial killers who've shocked the world. We bet you can never imagine women to have been termed serial killers, but it is a crazy world after all!

These are the women who had turned merciless and cold-hearted due to certain reasons. In the act of revenge, they have murdered so many innocent people; and their chilling stories will make you miss your heartbeat for sure!

So, read on to find out more about the most notorious women serial killers who've shocked the world with their merciless killing.

The Giggling Granny

She was Nannie Doss of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who was very friendly and a happy neighbour, wife and a good parent. But the world was shocked when she killed 11 members of her own family single-handedly. She used arsenic as a poison to kill all of her 5 husbands and her own kids and grandchildren.

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Aileen Wuornos

She was a true monster who had seen the murder of her own dad by her mother. She was repeatedly raped by her grandfather, who forced her to have sex with his friends and even made her own brother rape her. She took many men on pretext of selling sex and murdered 9 of them and robbed the rest.

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Dorothea Puente

She ran a boarding house in California. She was a good caretaker of the physically, mentally disabled elders. She would cash in the cheques of these elderly people and kill them and dispose their bodies in the basement of her house along with her handyman. And one day suddenly, the handyman vanished.

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Rosemary West

This cold murderer is so happy staying in the prison that she wishes to die there! She is accused of murdering 10 women with whom she had sexual relationships with and later on murdered them. Even to this day, she is not ready to reveal what she did to the victims' bodies.

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Belle Sorenson Gunness

She is known to be one of the worst serial killers EVER. She would butcher the men into pieces and stack them in her house. She lured the victims by posting ads in matrimony, and in this way, she got rid of almost 48 innocent men. When police raided her place, it was burnt and a woman's headless body was found, which people claimed it must have been hers.

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Mary Ann Cotton

She is said to have enjoyed the joy of seeing one die in front of her eyes. She murdered 21 people of her own family that included her dozen of kids and 4 husbands and a secret lover. She did all this to get their share of insurance.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 16:42 [IST]
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