List Of Richest Beggars In India

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When we are running short of money or are going through a rough financial condition, we often feel like beggars. But, do you know there are certain rich beggars out there who own quite a good amount of money? Yes, though it sounds crazy, there are many of them!

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of richest beggars in India. These are the guys who are really rich and for sure can give you a complex with their assets and possessions.

Check these really rich beggars who do not wish to give up on their begging even after turning rich.

As the saying goes, "Once a beggar, always a beggar"!! No matter how rich they would become, they would never wish to stop begging, as this is how they had started earning money in the first place.

So, find out more about the list of richest beggars who have made a fortune just by the mere act of begging.

Bharat Jain

He is the richest beggar in India who has two apartments of the value of 140 lakh!! He also owns a juice shop which gives him an additional income of 10,000 rupees every month. Apart from the rents, he earns about 60,000 rupees monthly by just begging. Whao! We need a glass of water after reading this!

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Sarvatia Devi

She is one of the famous beggars in Patna. She travels daily in train at Patna. She pays Rs 36,000 every single year as her insurance amount. Okay, now just think about this.. How many of us have even got an insurance??

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Krishna Kumar Gite

He owns a flat of worth 5 lakh in Mumbai!! Getting a rented room in Mumbai is something unimaginable, but this man, being a beggar, owns his own flat which is worth 5 lakh rupees. Can't imagine that, can you?

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Sambhaji Kale

This guy owns a flat in Solapur and two individual houses and also a piece of land in Solapur. Apart from this, he has made some investments worth thousands in different investment banks.

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Laxmi Das

She started begging at the tender age of 16. She has spent her entire life begging and has saved what ever she could. After 50 years of begging and saving hard, it is believed that she has saved a huge bank balance. This surely teaches us the value of saving our money!

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 5, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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