List Of Plus Size Male Models Who Are Really HOTT!!

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The word "modelling" makes us think about perfect figures.

But, what happens when you see people who are obese and well, quite not in the "so-called shape", how can they even think of being models?

Here, in this article, we've shared info on some of the plus sized male models who are super "HOTT"!! The list of models mentioned in this article are super-sized and we're sure it will make you go gaga, just by the look.

These models are well established and are quite popular in the world of fashion. So, find out more about these interesting people mentioned in this article.

These plus-sized models surely have created a stir in the world of modelling by creating a niche in it. Have a look.

Josh Ostrovsky

He is also known as "The Fat Jewish". He has more than 5 million Instagram followers. He is currently transferring some of his talents from mobile platforms into bona fide modelling.

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Zach Miko

He is a comedian who became famous overnight as Target's first-ever male plus-size model. He stands tall at 6'6" and has a 40-inch waist. He has been interviewed by everyone from Mic to People to Cosmo, this shows how popular he his.

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Terry Hollands

He is currently working as a model for Big Tall Order which is an online clothes store for bigger or taller men. Apart from this he is a British strongman competitor who is considered a legend in England.

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Jermain Hollman

He is 6'5″ tall and has a 36-inch waist. Though his waist size is quite small for a plus-size model, he is a way above the standard male model size.

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Matthew Simko

He is the contributing editor at Chubstr, Simko and is a key influencer and has style authority. He has led popular Brite Space Boston pop-up series, and a "Fewer Clothes, More Accessories: A Style Workshop for Men" from his work front.

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Claus Fleissner

This popular model was asked to join an all-female cast and take part in a fashion show for the Plus-Size Fashion Days in Hamburg. This was the time when he was working as a content manager.

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Story first published: Monday, May 30, 2016, 11:25 [IST]
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