Hard-To-Believe Fast Food Revelations!

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We all love food, don't we? We can never find a person who would not have loved fast food at some point of his/her life. We think it is impossible. However, there are a few fitness freaks who have never liked binging on fast foods at any point of time.

This article is totally dedicated to fast food lovers! It is all about the confessions made by some of the fast food workers.

As you read, we're sure you are going to get your heart to your mouth, as some of the confessions may make you want to puke and completely give up on your fast food binging.

In this article, we are here to share some of the horrifying confessions of fast food workers. One can click on any other article if you do not wish to get a reality check on your favourite fast food meals, but we suggest you read them before you order your next platter!

So, go ahead and find out more about these alarming confessions of fast food workers.

The Ice Machine Gets Hardly Cleaned

It is very rare that the fast food workers actually get to clean the ice cream machines and keep refilling it instead, as they think it is pretty cool to let it be that way because generally the food is frozen! Really? Think about it the next time you take an ice cream serve.

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You End Up Consuming Atleast 12 Pubic Hair In A Year's Span

Nothing is more disgusting than getting a strand of hair in your food. But do you realise that a person in general ends up consuming atleast 12 strands of pubic hair? Well, that is gross now!

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Hot Selling Stuff Is The Fresh One Rest Are Just Reheated

When you step into a restaurant, make sure you order the fresh hot-selling food that is most popular in the restaurant. Do not experiment with anything else, as it is generally recycled or reheated food.

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Spitting In Food Is A Common Sight

When the food worker is frustrated with the customer, the only revenge he would love taking out his frustration on is by simply spitting in the food that is being served to the customer. Hmmm.. Wonder who all have done that to us!

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Decaf Coffee Is Served

If you are getting late and having a craving for coffee, then make sure you do not pick it up late in the night, as most of the restaurants serve decaf coffee after the sales are over.

The Strawberry Flavour Is Just Not A Flavour It Is A Chemical

The next time you order any food rich in strawberry flavour, remember that it contains more than 50 different chemicals combined together to get this artificial flavour.

Water Is Reusable

When you drink water the next time from a glass at a fast food outlet, remember that it might be the left over of what somebody else had previously drank! Eww..... Make sure you ask for a sealed water bottle instead.

Yogurts Served Contain Beef And Pork Gelatin

When you are being health conscious and order a yogurt on your healthy platter, it sure looks good, doesn't it? However, do you know that certain restaurants that serve their own yogurts will contain beef and pork gelatin to make the yogurt taste and look perfect, just like the branded products.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 17, 2016, 13:10 [IST]
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