Frozen Wonders You Need To Check

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With this hot summer around, we would love to do anything that can make us feel relaxed and cool. If you're wondering what we are even discussing about, then read this article to find out about the most amazing and beautiful frozen wonders that you need to have a peek at.

These are the wonders, which will want to make you go right there and relax. If you can't, then it is going to give a soothing effect to your eyes when you have a look at these pictures.

So, relax and do see these pictures, who knows you might get yourself an opportunity to go out there and enjoy the serenity right in front of you!

Read on to know more about these interesting places where there is a unique display of ice that is carved by none other than our very own mother nature!

Striped Iceberg

This looks like a chocolate sauce on your favourite vanilla ice cream. But, this is a natural phenomenon. These bizarre colourful lines are created by sea algae and sediment that is formed on the rocks.

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Snow Roller

This looks amazingly stunning. It is commonly seen on the hilly terrain. These rollers are formed when strong winds blow moist snow along the ground, piling it up in the form of a roller.

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Ice Cave

It is a type of a natural cave that has a significant amount of perennial ice. It has an amazing view during the day and this beautiful cave is in Alaska.

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Carved Iceberg

This amazing iceberg is formed by biting polar winds, freezing waters and sub-zero temperatures. These beautiful mountains are found in the Antarctic Peninsula region.

Ice Circle

This is my favourite one! This looks incredibly beautiful. It is also called an ice pan or ice disk. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs in slow moving water during cold climates.

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Ice Canyon

Greenland is the world's largest island that is covered up to 80% under permanent sheet of ice canyons. This is one of the most photographed feature of the island.

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Ice Sculpture

This is characterised by freezing rain and strong winds and ice storms. It can create incredible sculptures by encasing trees and other objects with thick ice wraps. Well, that is a light house which is all covered up with ice.

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Glacial Cave

This is a pleasing view for your eyes. The opening of the cave looks so inviting that you wish to enter it instantly. This glacier cave is formed within the ice of a glacier when the water runs through or under the glacier. Isn't it amazing?

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Blue Ice

This gigantic ice castle is a rare phenomenon known as the blue ice. In this, the ice bubbles are compressed and the light at the end of the spectrum is absorbed, leaving a massive blue look! Nature is beautiful, must say.

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Ice Volcano

Yeah, you read it right. There are ice volcanoes too that take place. It is also known as ice fumaroles. This emits steam and gases instead of lava. It looks so cool like a chimney of cold steam blowing up.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 16:05 [IST]
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