First Man To Get Pregnant Thrice!

This man shocked everyone by getting pregnant and that too thrice! Check out his interesting story below...

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A man named Thomas Trace Beatie shocked the world by declaring about his pregnancy. The world assumed it to be a fake viral gimmick that he did.

Couple of people assumed that he had challenged the biological cycle by becoming pregnant!

First Man To Get Pregnant Thrice!

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The story of this man getting pregnant not once but thrice has a deeper secret to it. So, find out more about the first man who got pregnant thrice!

Apparently, Thomas had a sex reassignment surgery in 2002 due to which he became pregnant.

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So, check out his complete story unfold below...

He Was A Girl...

As a teenager, he was a female model and had also won Miss Teen Hawaii, USA pageant and was a finalist. Apart from this, he also has a black belt in Taekwondo and he grew up to become an aggressive bodybuilder.


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He got married to Nancy who could not have children. So, he decided to carry their children. He underwent a surgery in 2002 and the surgery was called "chest reconstruction". Since he wanted biological kids, he kept his internal reproductive organs intact.

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First Child...

Thomas had used a donor for sperms for his first delivery. He delivered his first child in the year 2008.


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Two More...

After his successful delivery, Thomas wanted to have more kids and he got pregnant again twice with the same donor of the first child. It was a baby girl (in 2009) and a baby boy (in 2010).

His Actual Transformation...

He began his transformation when he was around 20. He was born as a woman, but he needed to become a man.

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No More Kids!

After his son's birth, he decided not to have any more kids and hence underwent an operation where his reproductive organs were removed.

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But unfortunately, his marriage of 9 years ended after a shocking video that emerged, in which Nancy was found abusing the kids and Thomas.

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Also Check out the video where Thomas Beatie was all set to give birth to their third child!


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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 15:04 [IST]
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