Crazy Killers And Their Love Stories

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Love is something that can happen to us at any point of time. It is a beautiful experience that anybody would want to definitely experience.

The best part about it is that people who have been serving patrol also have found their true love.

If you're wondering what we're talking about, then we're talking all about the crazy killers and prisoners who've found love, though they were in prison serving their term.

These are the stories of crazy lovers who've wooed women with their charm and have even got married, escaped, and even fathered a child while they were still in the prison.

This article is about the ladies who found the softer side of these criminals. Some were even murdered by the same criminals, while others helped them to escape.

Find out more about these interesting love stories of crazy killers, read on!

A Prison Worker Who Helped The Inmate Escape

Toby Young was having a troubled relationship while she was working at the prison. An inmate named John Manard realised this and took an advantage of her weak side. This was enough to give a breath of fresh air to the lady who helped the man escape from jail. Their new love had a very short end when they were caught within just 2 weeks of entering into a new life.

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Public Defender Leaves Lawyer Husband For Serial Killer

Rosalie Martinez was a public defender and was handling the case of a prisoner named Oscar Ray Bolin. She heard his story and felt a deep connection and was left breathless. This was enough for the defender to leave her family of 4 daughters and a lawyer husband to be by the side of the serial killer who was on his death row.

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The Guy Who Killed His Pen Pal

Phillip Carl Jablonski was already serving his term for killing his first wife. He put an advertisement in a newspaper seeking for a pen pal. A woman named Carol Spidoni became his pen pal and later the two married. This did not last longer, as the woman and her mother both were murdered by this evil man.

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Prison Warden's Wife Helps Convict Escape

Randolph Franklin Dial was serving a life sentence in Tulsa. He had killed a karate instructor. A prison warden's wife named Bobbi Parker helped him escape the prison and both ran away for 11 long years. Their joy was cut short when an episode of "America's Most Wanted" was aired in 2005. The couple was caught later.

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Serial Killer Ted Bundy Married Carol Anne Boone

Ted Bundy had killed over 30 women during 1970's. Carol Anne Boone, who was his co-worker, found the other side of him, which made her fall in love with him. There were reports that Ted became a father of a child while he was still serving the term at jail. It is believed that his wife had passed on a condom to him while they kissed and he ejaculated in it and passed it on to her in the same way; and with medical aid, she gave birth to his child.

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Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez Married Doreen Lioy

Richard Ramirez was known as the Night Stalker. He tortured, raped and murdered at least 14 people, but Doreen Lioy saw a different and a kind side of him who was head over heels in love with him. She believed he was innocent of the crimes. Though they married on Oct. 3, 1996, Ramirez died in prison in 2006.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 14:53 [IST]
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