Cases Of Crazy Jilted Lovers

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Love stories do not have a happy ending all the time.

When the person is denied or rejected in the relationship, there are chances that they will turn rebel. This can lead to serious problems.

Here, in this article, we've shared some of the cases of jilted lovers. These are the guys who have taken up revenge to an extreme level.

In some of these cases, the jilted lovers have gone to the extent of killing their ex and to doing some serious damage that can't be undone.

Find out more about these crazy jilted love stories that shook the world with their extreme acts of possessiveness.

Read on to know more about these interesting stories of people who went on to another level just to take a huge revenge.

He Stabbed His Ex-Lover And Her 83-Year-Old Fiancee

Paul Mallin, from Ilford, England, was 51 at the time when he committed this crime. He was all set to marry his fiancée Karen Reid who was 53. But, as fate had it, Reid, who was diagnosed with a muscle-wasting disease, decided to call off the engagement. This left Paul depressed and sad. He later discovered that she had turned her affection towards John Down, 83; and in a fit of anger, Paul stabbed both of them and is currently serving 19 years in prison.

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Woman Stabs Former Lover In His Manhood

This is a sheer case of revenge. This woman named Tatiana Bastos was upset when her lover Ricardo Morales left her for another woman. While he was driving the car, she stabbed him in his manhood. She plunged a knife through three layers of clothing into Ricardo's groin. Luckily, he was able to save himself and she was given 32 months in prison for the grisly deed.

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Angry Ex-Lover Defaces A Range Rover

A man in London got a rude shock when his ex-girlfriend ruined his Range Rover by Spraying paint with words that included a "Cheater" and "I hope she was worth it". Later, it was revealed that it was just a marketing stunt for an auto design shop.

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Lovers Join Forces To Catch Cheater On Tape

Simon Reed seemed charming, handsome, and madly in love with his new girlfriend, Andie Nash. But, after a whirlwind romance, he vanished. Andie was frustrated and took on to her blogging site. For her surprise, she started receiving messages of another women whom he had cheated on. He confessed about his cheating spree and had to serve 30 months in prison.

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She Keys “WORE” Into Ex-Friend's Car

This woman named Shannon Csapilla of Stamford, Connecticut, vandalised both her ex-boyfriend's and ex-friend's cars and punctured their tires and also scratched the paint of the cars. She wrote the word "WORE" on the hood. I guess she wasn't as fluent in her English, as the spelling was wrong.

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Ex-Boyfriend Smashes Through 2 Doors To Stab Woman

Cezary Sobiewski was a heavy-drinking Polish man. He was convicted for life in prison for the killing of Barbara Baraniecka, his ex-girlfriend. He stabbed her 13 times in the neck. The prosecutors called the act "sustained, determined and merciless."

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Story first published: Monday, May 30, 2016, 4:20 [IST]
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