Chilling Cases Of Cannibalism

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The word Cannibalism makes one remind of the ancient times where tribal people relished and enjoyed human flesh. But do you even know that cannibalism still exists in this date!

Well, we are here to share some of the chilling stories of cannibalism. This article is not for the weak or faint-hearted people as we sure it can churn your stomach upside down and even give you nightmares. So go ahead in reading about these monstrous people in this world.

Its all about being inhuman people are who end up eating their partner's flesh or in few cases their own flesh.

These stories surely give an uneasy feeling as after all its about eating human flesh!! So keep reading to know about the worst cannibalism cases you have never heard of!

Cooking Own Genitals And Serving Them To People

This case can be called as self-cannibalism as the Mr. "Mao Sugiyama" from Tokya, Japan, served people with his genitals cooked. It did have a price tag of $250 per plate and some 6 people relished his meat. Wonder where these guys get this idea from!

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Cooked Ex-husband And Served Kids

Katherine Knight ended up killing her husband over an trivial issue. She stabbed him 37 times with a butcher knife and hung his body from a meat hook and cooked parts of his body from buttocks, and boiled his head in a pot to serve her own kids.

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Online Hunter

Armin Miewes had a weird fetish since he was a kid. He wanted to eat human flesh and searched ways to get a victim. He contacted "Bernd Brandes" from Berlin. They agreed to eat Bernd's penis and after that killed him. He confessed to have killed Bernd and he ate his meat for over 7 months and cooked it during barbeque parties in his house!

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The Man Who Ate His Own Finger!

David Playpenz was living in Colchester, Essex when he met with an accident. The doctors had to amputate his finger as it was turning black. David asked the doctor if he could take the chopped finger. When he was allowed to take it, he boiled it and ate. No case was registered against him as it was his own body part.

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Killed For Chewing A Man's Face

Rudy Eugene seemed to be a regular man, but on a fine day he was found nibbling away a homeless man's face. When police asked him to leave the victim, he got aggressive and had pieces of the homeless man's face in his mouth. He was shot by the police for not letting go of the poor victim.

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German Tourist

Stefan Ramin was a 40 year old who loved hunting. He was visiting the island of Nuku Hiva along with his girlfriend Heike Dorsch when tragedy struck. He disappeared in the woods when he had gone on goat hunting. Later investigations revealed that his remains were found near a camp fire.

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Cannibal Brothers

A 28-year-old Timur and his 23-year-old brother named Marat killed their own brother Rafis and feasted on his body for over 6 months. They hid the body as they were not willing to get jailed for the crime they had committed.

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Survival Cannibals

Four Russian travelers wanted to explore an never penetrated area of Siberia. When they were lost, two of the survivors ended up killing one of their best friend to stay alive. They denied the charges of killing their friend but said that they ate his flesh after he died due to natural causes.

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