Celebrities Who Were Tortured For Being Gay

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Every single day we see news about people fighting for their rights in some part of the world or other. The struggle to get the rights is real and it is the same for everything. Either it is for freedom or to hold a stand in the society, people around the world resort to revolt.

Here in this article, we are about to share about some of the most famous celebs who were gay and these are the people who suffered a lot while they fought for their rights until the last breath.

Some of these are the honour killings of people for being gay. Though most of these cases are not of the present year, these are the cases of people who have been famous a few years back and they have been tortured in the most gruesome way.

Find out about the most famous people who suffered for being gay...

Mathew Shepard

He was just 21 years old when he had a tragic death when he was viciously attacked and bludgeoned, and then tied to a fence and left to die by two homophobes. He was the face of LBGT struggle in America.

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Bill Tilden

He was one of the most versatile American tennis players of all time. He had to face a lot of troubles in his life because of his sexual orientation. He was convicted twice as he was involved with two young boys.

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Harvey Milk

He was the first gay person to be elected to a public office and he was jeopardised all throughout his career and he was murdered by a friend who was against his gay-rights ordinance.

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Leonardo da Vinci

This famous painter had to face trouble in his personal life because of his love for young men and boys. Though he was one of the most creative persons living on earth, he was incarcerated for his homosexual relationships.

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Alan Turing

He was one of the greatest scientists, but he was ill-treated for his sodomy. He committed suicide in 1954 because he was persecuted by the British Government for being gay and England was quite orthodox back in the years when his sexuality was known.

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Oscar Wilde

He was one of the most famous and loved English dramatists. He was put behind the bars on the grounds of anal intercourse and sleazy profanity. Apparently he had shifted to France thinking it to be a safe place for gays.

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Story first published: Friday, August 26, 2016, 15:29 [IST]
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