Bizarre Traditions From Around The World

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Culture and tradition are two of the most important factors that define our human race. We tend to follow the culture and rituals that our ancestors have been following without really knowing the real significance behind them.

Some of these rituals are bizarre and weird; however, since we have been seeing and following them, we do not find them to be weird.

Some of the rituals do not make any sense and they can be disturbing or have no actual meaning to the entire process.

Here, in this article, we are about to share details on some of the most bizarre and weird traditions that people have been following since ages and believe in the meaning of these practices.

Read on to know more about these bizarre, yet interesting, traditions from around the world.

Bullet Ant Gloves

The boys in the Amazonian tribe need to prove their manhood in a weird and painful tradition. They're supposed to wear a hat that is filled with bullet ants and dance for at least 10 minutes. The bite of these ants is as painful as a bullet piercing a body. *Ouch*

Hindu Thaipusam Festival

Generally, Hindus make a holy trip to Malaysia's Batu Caves with all the weird body piercings. This is to mark the religious celebrations dedicated to Lord Murugan (the god of war).

Night Hunting In Bhutan

This is one of the most bizarre ritual practices that is still followed in the Eastern parts of the Himalayan kingdom. Here, the young men who are seeking love and marriage generally break into the rooms of eligible spinsters and spend the night there. When they are caught, they have to marry the girl, or work in her father's fields as a punishment.

Burial Ritual in Yanomami

The people in Yanomami burn the ash and bone powder of the deceased and mix it into a plantain soup. The family of the deceased tends to drink the soup and they believe it will keep the spirit of the dead with them forever. Weird isn't it?

Tooth Filing, Bali

People in Bali have this strange practice before wedding. They have their teeth filed in preparation for marriage. Since smoothened teeth are symbolic of control on sinful emotions like lust, greed, anger and jealousy, this practice is followed. Okay, hats off to whoever came up with this weird practice!

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Baby Throwing, India

Okay, this will literally churn your stomach when you see a man throw a baby in the air. The babies are thrown from a height of 50-feet and people below catch the baby using a cloth. This bizarre and gruesome tradition is still being practised in a few parts since 500 years.

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Finger Cutting of The Dani Tribe

The members of this tribe cut their fingers off as a display of grief at the funeral ceremonies, as they bury their severed finger along with the deceased. Apart from amputation, they also smear their faces with the ashes and clay. Yeah, now this is a real scary tradition!

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 14:53 [IST]
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