Best Cabin Houses You Need To Check

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When it is all about home we want the best. We all have always dreamt of having a dream house at some point of time. Generally it is not possible to get the exact dream house, but there are few who really work on achieving it.

We dream of having a big house or just a small house were you want everything to be compact.

In this article, we are here to share about the best cabin houses you need to check. These cabin houses are compact and damn beautiful. We sure you cannot get your eyes off from the beautiful cabin houses.

Check out these cabin houses and we sure new cabin houses ideas will pop up in your mind. So keep reading..

A Prefab "Green" Cabin

This house has just the perfect basic things that a house needs which is a bedroom, bathroom and a bit of storage space. What else would you want from a cosy cabin? Isn't it perfect?

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A Mobile "Pixie" Cabin

This cabin house was built from leftover timber from past projects, discarded pallets, broken branches of dried wood, logs and trees. This little house has a log burner as well and is powered by rechargeable power packs.

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A Portable Cabin Built For All Seasons

This cabin is built in just 160-square-foot. It is portable and it stands on its own pretty much anywhere. It has cedar walls, insulated floors, and a glowing, spacious interior which give it a perfect look.

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A Homesteading Cabin

These homesteading cabins were built right in the middle of the cafeteria of the social networking giant Twitter offices in San Francisco. These cabins were built to get along with the cafeteria's forest theme.

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Allandale House

This perfect, unique "triangular" cabin is called the Allandale House. It is a modern version of the forest cabin and looks really beautiful and excellent.

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A Moving Wall Cabin

This moving wall cabin offers complete privacy if you are looking for and has the perfect ambience around it. The timber walls of the entire house fold up for privacy and fold down to reveal a glass wall house with breath-taking views in every direction.
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A Glass Cabin

Photographer Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz decided to make their own love shack at the place where they had their first date. Their house was built in a glass cabin.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 0:11 [IST]
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