Being Too Fat Saved These Guys Big Time

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Luck plays a major role in a few people's life. It can be in the form of anything. In this article, we are here to share some of the cases in which people were saved from various criminal cases or even getting cremated just because they were too fat for it.

Find out more about these strange stories where being too fat and obese has turned into a lucky charm to these set of people.

These cases are quite legitimate. These cases are the best examples of, "I Am Too Fat To Get It Done". These lucky people had their fat save them from many things like even working and earning. Wow, talk about huge fat luck!

We're sure some of these cases may make you wonder if justice prevailed, but we doubt it. So, find out about the interesting and strange stories about cases of fat people escaping with the reason of just being too fat!

Too Fat To Take Care Of Kids

This 38-year-old man from Ottawa, Canada, lost the custody of his two kids, as the court felt he is too obese to take care of his vibrant kids. So, the boys were put up for an adoption.

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Too Fat To Be Executed

This man appealed to delay his death row, as he said that he was too fat to be executed. But, as fate had it, he passed away the same year when he was supposed to be executed. His death was due to natural reasons.

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Too Fat To Work

How lucky is this family, in which the members have not been working since 11 years, as they feel they're too fat to work. They are popularly known as the "Tele-Tubbies". All that they do is watch TV the entire day (that is borrowed from a friend) and nibble on their snacks.

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Too Fat To Be Cremated

This is one of the bizarre cases when an obese corpse of a woman almost set the entire crematorium on fire. It is said that her 440-pound body weight had blocked the air filter, which caused this fire. Now, new crematoriums are being built in Austria for obese people.

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Too Fat To Dance

This girl named Jordan Ramos was humiliated by a bouncer on two different occasions at the same pub for being too fat. The bouncer passed on a nasty comment on the girl claiming that she is too fat to dance.

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Too Fat For A Wedding Gown

Claire Donnelly was all excited about her wedding. However, soon her dream was devasted when she was told by the designer boutique employees that she was too fat for their bridal collection.

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Too Fat To Fly

In May 2012, a woman named Kenlie Tiggeman earned worldwide attention when she was told by a Southwest gate agent that she was too fat to fly. She however sued the airlines for the staff's nasty behaviour.

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