Amazing Things Shaped Like A Vagina

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Mother nature is beautiful in its own way. There are different things out there in this world that apparently look very similar to many other things.

In this article, we are here to share some of the things that actually look like a vagina but definitely are not. So, check the list of pictures on how things are naturally shaped like a vagina.

In this list of images, you can see how the nature has en-carved its beauty by making a few things that actually look like a vagina. Apart from them, there are a few man-made things too that resemble a vagina.

People with a dirty mind for sure are gonna have a hearty laugh as you scroll through the pictures. So, read on to know more about the things that are shaped like a vagina but are not one!

Inflatable Slide

This sure has to be an invention of a pervert mind. This slide is designed in such a way that the kids end up coming out from the inflated opening of the slide, which resembles the labia. It looks gross though!

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The Leather Couch

Oh Lord! Wonder who'll feel comfortable sitting on this kind of a couch that looks weirdly comfortable? This was a custom-made couch that was up for sale by a man in Michigan. He said that his wife wanted it out of the house! Well, we can understand why!

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Vagina Flower

This carnivorous plant that resembles a vagina eats flies and is called the Venus Flytrap. It folds its flap once the insect sits on it to trap the insect inside.

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Hell, yeah! This is a perfect example of Mother nature at her best. Look at this mountain, it is clearly carved as a vagina. This mountain is also known as Danxiashan Mountains and is situated at the north of Guangdong Province in China.

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Dress That Resembles It

This is a true case of a pervert mind that you cannot see the dress with an abstract design, as you would end up thinking that it looks like a vagina!

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Vagina Stadium

The Al-Wakrah World Cup stadium in Qatar resembles the female genitalia. This was not a planned intention to build a building that resembles a vagina. However, many onlookers surely agreed to the fact that it does look like one.

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Pizza That Resembles A Vagina!

During the Rugby World Cup, people usually opt for different antics to support their favourite teams. A company named Morrisons released a rugby-shaped pizza that actually ended up looking like a vagina! The pizza was hot selling when people found out about what it was shaped like.

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