Famous Tall Women & Short Men Couples

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We are a male dominated society and the idea of a woman towering over her man is not acceptable. The woman must always be beneath her man or rather be physically smaller than her man to make a good couple. Those were the traditional notions that dominated our thinking for centuries and may be still do to a certain extent. However, this is the age of changing rules and many tall women and short men are now seen together. Celebrity couples have been foremost in breaking the norms in this case.

The visual impact of these unusual celebrity couples is enthralling. Here some of the best known tall women and short men couples.

Tall Women & Short Men

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a height difference of 2 inches.

Tall Women & Short Men

Nicole Kidman was taller than es-husband Tom Cruise and is an inch taller than present husband Keith Urban!

Tall Women & Short Men

Designer L'Wren Scott is taller than most men around at 6 ft 4 inches. She is 6 inches taller than boyfriend Mick Jagger!

Tall Women & Short Men

The first Lady and President of France make an interesting couple. Carla Bruni is 5 inches taller than Sarkozy.

Tall Women & Short Men

Film and television actress Tina Fey is 4 inches taller than husband Jeff Richmond and she is just 5 ft 4 inches!

1. Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: They are just breaking up the divorce has not yet gone through. So Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are still the hottest celerity couple where the woman is taller than the man. Tom Cruise is a short man by normal standards 5 ft 7 inches and Katie Holmes is a reasonable tall woman at 5ft 9 inches. In fact, Tom Cruise was shorter than his ex-wife Nicole Kidman too. The first thing she said after the divorce was, 'Now, I can wear heels again!'

2. Carla Bruni & Nicolas Sarkozy: The famous political couple have been in news ever since their marriage way back in 2008. The French President Sarkozy (5 ft 5 inches) was initially intimidated by the fact that his model wife Carla Bruni (5ft 9 inches) is so much taller than him, but they carry themselves beautifully at public occasions now.

3. L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger: Famous Rock and Roll singer, song writer and musician Mick Jagger has been with famous fashion designer L'Wren Scott for the last 10 years. This is one best example of a tall woman and short man getting along well inspite of their height difference. Mick Jagger is not a short man at 5 ft 10 inches but Scott is an exceptionally tall woman at 6ft 4 inches!

4. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban: Looks like relief was short-lived for Nicole Kidman after her divorce with Tom Cruise. Her second husband musician Keith Urban too is shorter than her. Nicole Kidman who is 5 ft 11 inches tall towers over most men including husband Keith Urban who is not short at 5 ft 10 inches. So Nicole, do you wear heels now?

5. Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond: Famous film and television actress Tina Fey (from 30 Rock fame) is not very tall woman at 5 ft 4 inches. But her husband Jeff Richmond who is a musical composer look tiny compared to her. He is just about 5 feet tall. And yet, they make a very cute couple.

These are some of the best couples constituted by taller women and shorter men. Which is your favourite?

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