Warning Signs That Your Pancreas Is In Trouble

Read this article to know about the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

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Pancreatic cancer is the twelfth most diagnosed type of cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer death overall. The biggest risk factor for developing pancreatic cancer is smoking. Other causes of pancreatic cancer that may be controlled are obesity and work-related exposure to certain pesticides, dyes, along with other chemicals.

Risk factors for pancreatic cancer that cannot be controlled include aging, being male, African American, family history of the disease, diabetes mellitus and certain genetic disorders.

signs of pancreatic cancer

During the early phases, pancreatic cancer can cause no symptoms, or if it does the symptoms might resemble other illnesses. To diagnose pancreatic cancer, first the physician will do a complete physical examination. There are additional tests a physician might order to diagnose and find out the stage of pancreatic cancer.

signs of pancreatic cancer

Since pancreatic cancer frequently has no symptoms in the early phases, it is frequently found in later phases, that makes curing the disease more difficult. Here are some warning signs of pancreatic cancer.

signs of pancreatic cancer

If you have been losing weight drastically in the last couple of days, it could indicate that your pancreas is in trouble. Since the pancreas stops functioning properly in case of pancreatic cancer, there will bound to be digestion problems. This can end up causing weight loss.

signs of pancreatic cancer

Have you become the victim of diabetes? Your pancreas is responsible for keeping your blood glucose levels steady as it is in charge of producing insulin in the body. When your pancreas stops functioning properly, you start to suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Have you started suffering from abdominal pain recently? Does it strike in the middle part of your abdomen? If so then it could be that you are suffering from pancreatic cancer. You could also suffer from nausea and vomiting.

signs of pancreatic cancer

If your poop looks pale in colour and less dense and looks oily, it could be because your pancreas has stopped functioning properly. This is because the pancreas is responsible for secreting certain enzymes that help in the digestion of food. When the pancreas stops secreting these enzymes, the food is not digested properly.

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