Warning Signs Of Low Testosterone!

Do you know how to know low testosterone levels in your body? Well, here are some signs of low testosterone levels...

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Testosterone is a hormone which makes men, men! In fact, this hormone plays a role in the production of sperm, libido levels, muscle strength, fat management, bone density and even muscle mass.

There could be many reasons behind low T levels. In some, it could be due to stress, accidents, obesity, liver issues or even certain medicines.

But how to know that your T levels have dipped? Well, here are some signs that indicate the same...

Sign #1

Generally, men tend to wake up with an erection. But in men whose T levels dip, even morning erections may occur very rarely.

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Sign #2

You may find it tough to fall asleep. And then you may wake up tired. If you see such signs after 35 years, you can suspect low T levels.

Sign #3

Men who have low T levels may also start experiencing frustration, depression, irritability, fatigue and lack of motivation.

Sign #4

In some cases, cholesterol profile may also change, hair loss may occur and weakness for no reason may be experienced.

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Sign #5

Your endurance may start dipping as your testosterone levels diminish. This is more commonly seen in men who cross 35 years of age.

Sign #6

Belly fat may start accumulating in men whose T levels start waning. In fact, even the bone density reduces and muscle strength diminishes.

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Sign #7

If you see the above signs after 30-35 years, then you can consult a doctor and receive treatment for better testosterone levels.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 17:02 [IST]
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