These Common Mistakes Can Harm Your Bones

Read this article to know about certain common mistakes that you should avoid in order to keep your bones healthy.

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We all know that eating a healthy diet rich in calcium and exercising on a regular basis is essential to keep our bones strong and healthy. Olive oil, soybeans, fatty fish, milk, cheese, yogurt and bananas are rich sources of calcium. Consuming these on a regular basis and going for exercise as per your ability is essential for good bone health.

Women, specially become the victims of several bone issues after they reach a certain age. Hence, they need to be all the more careful in taking care of their bone health.

mistakes that harm your bones

Today, here in this article we shall talk about certain mistakes that one must stop making in order to keep their bones strong and healthy and prevent them from suffering from any kind of bone diseases. Read on to find out about these mistakes.

mistakes that harm your bones

1. Consuming Lot Of Salt:
One common mistake that we all make is consume a lot of salt. This salt also flushes out calcium from the body through our urine. So the more salt we consume, the more calcium is flushed out of our system. Some of the calcium is flushed out from our bones. Hence, to preserve bone health, go low on salt.

mistakes that harm your bones

2. Drinking Soda:
Drinking soda on a regular basis can cause harm to your bones. This has been found to prevent the absorption of magnesium that is essential for building strong bones and also hamper the absorption of calcium. The phosphorus present in soda does this.

mistakes that harm your bones

3. Excess Coffee Intake:
Limit your intake of coffee to four cups per day as research has proved that drinking more than four cups of coffee per day can hamper the absorption of calcium. It is better to go for tea instead of coffee.

mistakes that harm your bones

4. Chocolates:
Chocolates contain a substance called oxalate and sugar which have been found to hinder the absorption of calcium. Hence, one should limit the intake of chocolates to maintain healthy bones.

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