Reasons To Drink Herbs+Water This Year

We all know about the benefits of green tea. But there are some unknown benefits too. Read on to know about the reasons to include green tea to your list of new year resolutions...

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Green tea is nothing but herbs boiled in water. But it is miraculous as it acts like a liquid that can protect your health in many ways.

Of course, you might have heard a lot about green tea and must have taken a new year resolution to include it in your daily life.

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We all know that green tea reduces high blood pressure, helps your body burn fat faster and offers anti-oxidants to your body.

But there are more unknown benefits of drinking green tea every day. Here are they:


Fact #1

Do you know the fact that green tea can hydrate your body much better than a cup of water?


Fact #2

If you have the habit of drinking alcohol regularly, your liver gets stressed up. Green tea can minimise the damage done to the liver due to alcohol.


Fact #3

A cup of green has the power to bring down your stress levels and also offer a to boost your brain power.


Fact #4

Green tea can also subtly help your body preserve your bones.


Fact #5

Bad breath and tooth decay can also be minimised by embracing the habit of drinking green tea regularly.


Fact #6

If you are a smoker, your lungs undergo lot of damage. Drinking green tea everyday can minimise the damage a bit.


Fact #7

Green tea has the power to boost immunity and prolong life too.

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