Here Are Ways In Which You Are Asking For A Cold This Year

Read this article to know about certain things you should avoid doing in order to stop catching a cold or flu.

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You could get a cold or flu during any season of the entire year and regrettably even in this advanced age, there is no remedy for it. Recent statistics show us that the highest proportions of workers who jump work or who take a sick day off are due to cold or flu.

Today, in this article, we shall discuss certain things that can make you fall sick. There are certain things you could end up doing that will make you suffer from cold or flu.

Causes of cold, how to prevent cold

You will end up with a cold if you hover around someone with cold or flu. Be sure that you stay away from anyone who has the cold or the flu. Sadly the cold virus is airborne and it is extremely contagious. Therefore you should make sure to avoid an individual who has cold or influenza to defend yourself from an infection.

Causes of cold, how to prevent cold

If you do not wash your hands properly, you can end up with a cold. Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap after any physical exercise or after counting money, etc. Particularly, paper money was found to be most likely the most infectious and that carries the cold virus. So by washing your hands often, you can safeguard yourself from an infection.

Causes of cold, how to prevent cold

You can catch cold if you do not drink enough liquids. Be sure that you drink plenty of liquids in times of extreme cold. Recent research demonstrates that drinking lots of liquids helps secure the systems in your body, which raises the strength of your resistance system.

Causes of cold, how to prevent cold

You might become the victim of flu if you are short of vitamin C. Eat plenty of fruits and drink plenty of juices which contain high amounts of vitamin C. Particularly citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are found to be full of vitamin C, that is found to improve the strength of the resistance system.

Causes of cold, how to prevent cold

Research demonstrates that whenever vitamin C is taken in before an illness occurs, the resistance system is boosted sufficiently, in order that the body can fight off an illness before you even get sick.

Exercise regularly to fight cold. Exercise helps to strengthen your immune system and flush out toxins from your body.

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