Avoid Hangover After New Year's Day Party

Do you have party plans tonight? Are you worried about the after effects of drinking alcohol? Then read on to know how to avoid hangover....

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Parties are awesome but hangovers aren't. But unfortunately, your drinking habit brings in a companion known as hangover.

Waking up on the New Year's day with a headache or nausea isn't a pleasant thing. Also, hangovers spoil your whole day and make you feel sick.

So, before you set out for the New Year's day party, here are some tips to follow.

Idea #1

Eat a small piece of ginger before the party. This is said to prevent certain symptoms of a hangover.

Idea #1

Consume a teaspoon of olive oil before you go to the alcoholic party. Many believe that this will slow down the alcoholic absorption in the intestines.

Idea #2

Eat a sugary food as fructose is said to speed up the metabolism of alcohol in your system. Get some orange juice after a drink.

Idea #3

Take a cup of orange juice and add a mashed banana to it. Add a spoon full of sugar and a pinch of salt and mix them thoroughly. Sip the mixture in the morning after a night of partying.

Idea #4

Sleep well after the party. Try to avoid staying awake the whole night as your body needs to heal itself after the party through sleep.

Idea #5

Eat a pizza before you start drinking alcohol. Of course, pizza is bad for health. And of course, alcohol is also bad for health. But pizza is said to minimise the effects of hangover.

Idea #6

This is the most obvious tip. Keep drinking enough water to hydrate yourself.

The best way to avoid hangover is staying away from alcohol. So, find healthier ways of partying this New Year!


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