This Is What You Should Eat And Drink When You Have A Cold

This article talks about some foods that you should consume to get relief when you have a cold.

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Whenever you catch a cold, you tend to become unhappy as the cold, often accompanied by throat pain leaves you miserable. With a blocked nose or a dripping nose you tend to show signs of irritation. Your appetite also becomes minimal to nonexistent.

Here are some foods that will provide relief to you when you have a cold and also help you to increase your appetite. These foods have been found to be appealing to people who have been under the weather.

natural treatment methods for cold

Choose food that is especially fragrant. Since the olfactory system is linked closely to the appetite, eating or drinking foods that smell enticing can help in stirring up the appetite.

natural treatment methods for cold

Start with soups. A hot vegetable soup like a tomato soup or a chicken soup is great when you want to get some relief from cold. This helps to get rid of the mucous that has built up in the respiratory system. Hot beverages cause mucous to thin and drain, helping you to breathe more easily.

natural treatment methods for cold

Drink a lot of water, especially warm water throughout the day as cough and cold have been found to dehydrate the body. If possible, add honey and lemon to warm water and keep sipping. Honey is good for the throat and lemon is rich in vitamin C which helps to strengthen your immune system.

natural treatment methods for cold

Coconut water is one drink that can be taken during this time. It hydrates the body and is rich in nutrients that go a long way in replenishing the nutrients that are lost when you fall sick. Drink enough green and black tea and also ginger and chamomile tea that help as these
are rich in antioxidants and help to fight flu.

natural treatment methods for cold

Eat foods that are rich in protein like eggs and chicken as these boost your immune system. Also make sure to include foods like sweet potato, cauliflower, oats and yogurt as these have been found to fight inflammation and boost the immune system.

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