These Are The Things That Your Burps Are Trying To Tell You

Burps are caused due to various reasons. Read on to know what these are.

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Burps can often become the cause of embarrassment for many people. However, one should understand that it is a natural thing and it is the body's way of getting rid of the air that is there inside your body. There are various causes of burping and we shall discuss them here.

While the most typical reason for intestinal gas is overeating, many sufferers of lactose intolerance will find that milk products cause them to feel bloated due to the excessive gas produced by their body in response to the food. This could sometimes cause cramps and pain, and individuals with severe cases will have to profoundly change their diets.

causes of burps

Burping on the other hand is caused due to other reasons. The first one is eating too fast. Do you ever pay attention to the food that you are eating or you just take your plate and concentrate on the TV? Do you take your morning newspaper and focus on it and drink the coffee in a hurry? Are you in the habit of chewing gum?

causes of burps

If you have the tendency to eat too fast, you will end up belching a lot. This is because when you eat or drink too fast, you end up swallowing a lot of air. This air is trapped in your body. Belching is a way of letting this air out.

causes of burps

Have you noticed that when you suffer from a cold, you end up belching often? This is because when you have a cold and your sinuses are blocked, you end up breathing through your mouth. This causes a lot of air to end up in your body which is got rid of through belching.

causes of burps

Carbonated drinks contain carbon dioxide. So, if you have been drinking a lot of these, you will end up burping a lot. You can also end up burping if you have an acid reflux. In this case, burping is accompanied by heartburn and vomiting tendencies.

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