Have You Tried Raw Honey To Get Its Super Health Benefits?

You all know how good honey is for your health. But have you tried raw honey to have its benefits in the purest form? Here are 6 benefits of raw honey.

By: Shubham Ghosh
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We all know that honey has a lot of benefits and we even pick up a bottle of honey quite regularly at the grocery stores. But, how many of us have raw honey, i.e., the one which comes straight from the beehive?

It is completely unprocessed and offers a good lot of benefits for our health. Processed honey, on the other hand, can lose some beneficial antioxidants during the process of heating besides some bacteria.

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

About Raw Honey:
Raw honey is the crude form of honey that is extracted from the cells of the honey combs and it contains bee pollen and propolis that improve health and provide several benefits for the body.

Raw honey may also contain impurities like dead bees, wings, wax, etc., that can be filtered before consumption. It is also free of additives.

Now, have a look at the list of 6 benefits that it offers to your health:

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

1Improving Digestion: Raw honey betters our digestive system and also cures problems like diarrhoea (with grated ginger) and ulcers. Take raw honey on an empty stomach to benefit from it.

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

2. A Powerhouse Of Antioxidants: Antioxidants like flavonoids and phenolic compounds in raw honey prevent damage to the cells by free radicals that enhance ageing and raise the risk of heart diseases and cancer. Phytochemicals called polyphenols in raw honey are particularly helpful in preventing cardiac diseases.

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

3. A Homemade Remedy For Cold And Cough: Add raw honey to hot tea and lemon the next time you get cold and sore throat. It will act wonders. Honey is good to treat cough because it is an effective dextromethorphan - an ingredient that cures cough. Have raw honey every day to boost your immunity against cold.

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

4.A Good Source Of Energy: A powerhouse of nutrients and water, raw honey supplies energy which can be easily absorbed in the form of glycogen. It can be a great pre- and post-exercise energy booster.

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

5. A Healthy Alternative To Sugar: Instead of opting for the unhealthy sugar, go for raw honey, which is also a good antioxidant.

Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

6. Heals Wounds: Raw honey is an excellent agent that can heal injuries to the skin. It is because of this that honey is found as an ingredient in several skin products. Raw honey is effective in killing harmful bacteria and it contains antiseptic properties.

A Caution:
Raw honey, just like beneficial bacteria and nutrients, can also include harmful bacteria that might cause food poisoning or botulism. Always be careful about administering raw honey to babies, below one year of age, thinking it would help their cause in case they have cold and cough. It will prove to be counterproductive.

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