Are You Still Eating Foods Wrapped In A Newspaper? Reasons To Stop It Immediately

Foods wrapped in newspaper, especially the oily ones should be strictly avoided. It can lead to several health problems that are explained in this article.

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The hot bajjis, pakoras and then the spicy bhel wrapped in a newspaper can give that amazing kick to your taste buds, but do you know that eating foods wrapped in newspaper are unhealthy and that it can cause a lot of harm to your health.

Food items, especially the ones that are rich in oil and deep fried ones allow seeping of chemicals from the newspaper ink into the food. So today in this article we will be discussing a few of the reasons why we should avoid eating foods that come wrapped in a newspaper.

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reasons to avoid eating food wrapped in newspaper

The ink that is used for printing contains a lot of carcinogenic and harmful chemicals that have a negative impact on one's health and can cause a lot of health problems. Those having low immunity level, especially the children and elderly are among the worst affected.

Keeping in mind the several health hazards caused by consuming foods wrapped in newspapers even the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recently sent an alert signal to restrict from eating foods wrapped in newspapers.

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It was apparently stated that consuming foods wrapped in newspapers can cause injury to one's health despite having been cooked in a hygienic atmosphere.

Here is a list of major health problems that can be caused by eating foods wrapped in a newspaper. Take a look.

reasons to avoid eating food wrapped in newspaper

#1. Bladder & Lung Cancer:
The newspaper prints contain chemicals that help to dry the ink quickly and these can stick to the food items and cause severe health problems like bladder and lung cancer.

reasons to avoid eating food wrapped in newspaper

#2. Affects Hormones:
The printing ink used in the newspapers contains a few of the harmful chemicals that affect the hormonal functioning. This in turn leads to several other associated health problems.

reasons to avoid eating food wrapped in newspaper

#3. Cause Digestion Problem:
The ink used for printing consists of harmful toxic chemicals like diisobutyl phthalate that can cause serious digestion problem.

reasons to avoid eating food wrapped in newspaper

#4. Affects Reproduction:
Women need to be extra cautious, as the chemicals contained in the newspaper ink can have a serious effect on reproduction.

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