Reasons You Always Want To Pee

If you are one of those who runs to the loo to pee at the drop of a hat, then you must know the reasons that might cause it.

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Are you one of those who always runs to the loo at the very sight of it? Are you one of those who cannot hold on to your urine for a long time? Then you must read this article. Here we shall discuss certain reasons as to why you always want to pee.

It is very normal for a person to pee eight times in a day if you are drinking enough water. It is also very normal to get up at night and pee once. However, if it exceeds this limit, then you should take note of it.

reasons for excess urination

Your frequent urge to pee could be the result of a small bladder. Yes, it is true. Some people have small bladders. That is why they have to go and pee at frequent intervals.

reasons for excess urination

This condition can be caused if you end up dehydrated for not drinking enough water. Sounds contradictory. Right? However, this is true. If you are dehydrated, it causes irritation in the bladder that ends up causing a sensation or feeling of you wanting to pee.

reasons for excess urination

You might end up peeing more often if you have an overactive bladder. This happens in older women and in people who have a back problem. These people are the ones with weak nerves in the bladder.

reasons for excess urination

Research has proved that if you are on certain medications like the medicines taken to treat kidney problems, anxiety and depression you can end up with an overactive bladder.

reasons for excess urination

You will want to pee more if you are pregnant. This is because in the course of your pregnancy the quantity of fluids in the body rises almost fifty percent more compared to the amount before you got pregnant. This leads to a lot of additional fluids passing through your kidneys and winding up in your bladder. This makes you want to pee more.

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