Do You Have Lumpy Breasts? Here Are The Reasons You Might Not Be Aware Of

A lump in the breast does not necessarily mean that it is cancer. There are certain normal reasons because of which you can have lumps in the breast. Read on to know more.

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All women are scared of diseases of the breast. While taking a bath or while examining our breast, if we come across a lump, we tend to go into a panic mode. This is because most of us think that a lump means breast cancer. However, this is not the case most of the time.

Do not panic when you come across a lump in your breast. There are many normal reasons for you to have a lumpy breast. The first and foremost reason for a lump in the breast could be non-cancerous tumours. The size of this could vary from a small one to that of a walnut. These can be rubbery or smooth. These are not dangerous at all.

Do You Have Lumpy Breasts? Here Are The Reasons You Might Not Be Aware Of

However, if they continue to grow in size, they might end up changing the shape and look of your breast. Hence, at this time it will be better to remove them.

The next reason for lumps could be cysts. These are lumps full of fluids and they grow in size as your period approaches. After your periods, these reduce in size, but do not go away. They also grow in size when you smoke and drink coffee. However, there is nothing to fear about these as they are non cancerous.

A lump in the breast can also be caused due to a blood clot. This can also end up causing some pain. This happens due to injury, exercising or due to wearing an ill-fitted bra. However, this is not dangerous and it goes away on its own.

Do You Have Lumpy Breasts? Here Are The Reasons You Might Not Be Aware Of

Lumps in the breast can also be caused by hormonal changes. You might feel the development of lumps in your breasts when your periods are approaching. These have been found to vanish once your periods are over. So there is nothing to be scared about these.

It is important to examine your breast regularly and look for lumps. If you find anything suspicious, do not neglect it. Get your tests done immediately.

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