Keep Your Energy Level High During Durga Puja, Have These 20 Foods

By: Shubham Ghosh
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Durga Puja is a festival which demands physical fitness. Reason: Celebrating this multi-day festival in humid conditions leaves us exhausted, particularly if you are in Kolkata. But there cannot be any compromise with the fun for this is one occasion which comes after a year. So what's the way out?

Let's have these 20 foods so that we do not run out of stamina while undertaking those long pandal-hoppings during the Puja days:

1. Banana:

Take this all-time energiser to keep yourself on your feet and kicking. Whether taking the fruit rich in sucrose, fructose and glucose in itself or a glass of smoothie, get instant energy on a busy Puja evening.

2. Sugarcane juice:

This is an excellent ingredient to give back your energy on a hot day. Have pure juice with a pinch of salt and lemon juice in it. The stamina will be right back.

3. Lemon water:

This is another great agent to bring back all the energy. Add some salt and sugar too. However, it is better to carry your lemon water made in home and not drink that from the roadside stalls. You never known the quality of the water they use.

4. Coconut water:

This helps in avoiding dehydration and get going all day, all night in the non-stop fun days.

5. Fruit juice:

A glass of fruit juice or even that of the beetroot or carrot will rejuvenate your tiring body in no time.

6. Sweets:

If you are in Kolkata, they become an automatic food choice. More so during Durga Puja - not only because the sweet-makers bring special products in the market as ‘Puja specials'. It is also because sugar in sweets provides carbohydrates that help in fuelling your body. So when you feel tired, have some sweets - Sandesh, rosogolla, kalakand, misti doi and the list is endless.

7. Plain water:

It is criminal to ignore this basic ingredient for it is our body's best friend. Have regular gulps of plain water while you are out during the Puja days. It will keep your biological system running and at the same time flush out all body wastes.

8. Red grapes and other fruits:

A great source for stamina. Carry some while you are out and have them from time to time. You will feel great. In fact, fruits are a great source of energy.

9. Lassi:

A sweet curd syrup with a pinch of salt will boost your dropping energy level.

10. Tea/coffee:

A common preference, both tea and coffee can be great revitalising agents. Have them moderately to gain stamina in the middle of a fun bout.

11. Eggs:

A power food which includes proteins and amino acids, eggs can tried during the Puja days in special amounts so that your body remains in form. Have ‘dimer devil' (fries with egg and vegetable fillings) with mustard sauce. A real gain...

12. Chicken, mutton, egg rolls:

Kolkata is known for its rolls and they remain among the top snacks during Puja days. It's not that outside oil is great for your health but a little bit off the rules is not a sin during the festival days. Moreover, the meat and eggs provide you energy.

13. Fish cutlet:

Another must during Durga Puja to assure your taste buds that you are in Kolkata and also prevent yourself from losing the stamina as fish is also a protein-rich food and provides energy.

14. Sweet corn:

There are enough sweet corn stalls nowadays on the roads. Have a cup of this food rich in carbohydrates and enable your body to store glycogen which is usable as energy.

15. Chholar dal (Bengal gram):

This is not just a delicacy which is popular during festivals like Durga Puja but also the lentil content in it helps in increasing energy. Have chholar dal with kachoris, pooris or luchis. They just rock.

16. Buttermilk or Chaas:

Another reliable agent for re-energising your body.

17. Nuts and almonds:

Have them with milk and raise your stamina level.

18. Vegetables:

Increase vegetables in your diet during the festival days so that your body doesn't fall short of the required stamina. In fact, make it a habit to eat more and more green vegetables throughout the year.

19. Oatmeal:

Have it during the Puja days also if you have a regular habit (many of us happily break the normal diet routine during these exceptional days of festivity).

20. Soyabean:

Another good nutrient-rich food which helps us in gaining energy. Whenever you are having lunch or dinner outside during the Durga Puja days, opt for dishes that enhance your body nutrition and give energy.

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