Does Vitamin Deficiency Kill Erections?

A new study claims that lack of vitamin D could also cause erectile dysfunction. Read on to know more about this study…

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Have you ever thought that lack of enough sun shine could also kill your sex life? Well, a new study claims that men who suffer vitamin D deficiency may have higher chances of erectile dysfunction.

Though there are so many other factors that could cause the problem, lack of vitamin D could also be one among them, say experts.

Men with cholesterol issues and atherosclerosis may suffer ED. Some studies also found that vitamin D deficiency could also cause atherosclerosis. Here are some more facts.

Fact #1

Endothelial cells may gradually wear out and get damaged if your body lacks Vitamin D. This could also cause atherosclerosis.

Fact #2

Also, a study that was conducted on more than 300 men suffering from ED revealed that nearly 50% of them lacked enough of vitamin D. This shows the link between this vitamin and ED.

Fact #3

When your body lacks nitric oxide, achieving a firm erection would be impossible. Nitric oxide can enhance the circulation and relax your blood vessels.

Fact #4

Men who don't get enough of sunlight are prone to other problems like depression which could passively kill the libido.

Fact #5

Also, researchers say that men tend to get active in bed in summer compared to the cold weathers that offer almost no sunlight.

Fact #6

Current estimates claim that almost 67% of the urban population seldom gets enough of vitamin D whether it is from sunlight or food sources.

Fact #7

Even supplements of this vitamin could do the job for you but getting vitamin D from natural sources would be a wiser option, say researchers.

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