Beware ! Excessive Sweating Can Be A Symptom Of These Diseases

Did you know that excessive sweating can be a symptom of several diseases? Read on to know what diseases one could suffer from if one sweats a lot.

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When the mercury level is extremely high, sweating can be a common factor, or when you work out excessively you perspire. These might be normal conditions. But even if the weather is cool, few people tend to sweat excessively. Do you know why this happens?

Excessive sweating in such conditions might be a symptom of certain diseases which are discussed below. You might also need to wipe off your hand continuously and especially before shaking hands. This might turn out to be one embarrassing situation.

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In other situations like all of a sudden at night you might wake up and witness that your clothes are drenched with sweat. People might just ignore it, thinking it to be a normal condition but it is highly essential to get it checked before it gets delayed.

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This condition is also known as hyperhidrosis. Sweating is more around the palms, soles and armpits. Not just physical health, but this can also affect one's social life. Hence, identifying the problem and getting it treated at the initial stage is essential.

Here is a list of a few diseases which might trigger excessive sweating among individuals. Have a look.

#1. Diabetes:
Fluctuation in blood sugar level, which is common among diabetics, causes damage to the nerves and leads one to sweat excessively.

Diseases Related To Excessive Sweating

#2. Heart Problem:
When the heart is not able to pump blood, the pressure tends to be more and this leads one to sweat. Excessive sweating is one of the major symptoms of a heart problem.

Diseases Related To Excessive Sweating

#3. Anxiety Disorder:
Excessive sweating is one of the major symptoms of anxiety disorder. Anxiety activates the stress hormone and this leads to excessive sweating.

Diseases Related To Excessive Sweating

#4. Menopause:
Majority of women who are nearing their menopause experience hot flashes and sweating. One tends to develop extreme heat around the chest and neck leading to extreme sweating.

Diseases Related To Excessive Sweating

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