Best Foods For Healthy Breasts

You should eat the right kind of foods to keep your breasts healthy. Here are some foods that you can eat to keep your breasts disease-free.

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One of the most neglected parts of a woman's body is her breasts. Taking care of her breasts should be in the priority list of every woman or she can become a prey to the many diseases of the breast which in certain cases can prove to be fatal. It can also lead to the removal of the breasts from her body.

One of the easiest ways in which one can take care of one's breasts is by eating the right kinds of foods that are beneficial for the breasts along with a good exercise routine. Keeping your weight in check is also essential to decrease the onset of diseases related to breasts.

foods for healthy breasts

The first thing to do would be to check the oestrogen and progesterone levels in your body. The balance of these two hormones in the body is essential in order to have healthy breasts.

foods for healthy breasts

Increasing the levels of oestrogen in the body might work if testosterone levels are more in the body. Likely, the best method to improve levels of oestrogen in your body is to have specific foods which are rich in oestrogen. This helps to preserve the correct oestrogen/testosterone equilibrium which could then help improve breast health.

foods for healthy breasts

Green veggies and leaves contain some of the richest sources of phytoestrogen. There are various natural herbs likewise that have one or more kind of phytoestrogens. Fenugreek seeds and sprouts are also high in oestrogen level. Poultry is simply one among the leading all natural healthy foods that help in the production of oestrogen.

foods for healthy breasts

Foods rich in anti-oxidants are also good for the breast as they help to preserve the health of the cells present in the breast. These help to kill breast cancer cells. Such foods are berries, peaches, plums, broccoli, walnuts, olive oil, salmon, parsley and beans.

foods for healthy breasts

Research has proved time and again that these food items when included in a woman's diet on a regular basis help to maintain healthy breasts along with a daily dose of exercise.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 15, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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