7 Essential Facts About Menopause That Every Woman Should Know

Menopause is experienced by older women post 45-50 years of age. Here are facts on menopause that every woman must know about. Read on to know more about these facts.

By: Somya Ojha
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Menopause is an inevitable phase that every woman experiences in her life. A majority of women experience it after turning 50, but in few cases, certain women may experience it at an earlier age. Here are essential facts about menopause that you must know.

The transition phase is not an easy one. Harrowing symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, etc., can throw a woman's life off balance. Not to forget, all this can wreak havoc in both, her personal and professional life.

That is why, it is incredibly important to know about certain essential facts on menopause. Today, we have compiled a list of those facts that are must know for all women.

In-depth knowledge about these facts can help a woman fight off the symptoms and also not let this natural phase adversely affect her mental and physical health.

Staying active, eating well-balanced food and staying away from unhealthy lifestyle is something that all women going through this phase should opt for.

Keeping that in mind, take a look at these essential facts on menopause, here.

Essential facts about menopause

1. Hot Flashes Are Highly Common
Hot flashes are one of the most harrowing symptoms of menopause. This is something that most women complain of. And several factors like stress and excessive alcohol consumption are known to trigger hot flashes.

Essential facts about menopause

2. May Increase The Risk Of A Heart Attack
Several studies have found that after menopause, a woman's likelihood of getting a heart disease can be more. That is why, specialists often advise women to steer clear of unhealthy habits and exercise often to reduce the chances of any life-threatening disease.

Essential facts about menopause

3. Causes Weight Gain In The Abdomen Area
Weight gain, especially in the abdomen area, is another thing that women experience during this inevitable phase of their life.

Essential facts about menopause

4. Causes Hormonal Imbalance
This transition phase can cause hormonal imbalance in a woman's body. As a result, you might experience severe mood swings and may feel stressed out. However, this is something that might vary from one woman to another.

Essential facts about menopause

5. May Cause Your Skin To Get Dry
Women going through menopause often complain of dry, flaky skin. In fact, not just skin, few of them start having itchiness in their scalp too. That is why, women should opt for a heavier moisturiser during this phase.

Essential facts about menopause

6. Can Weaken Bones And Joints
Menopause is also known to increase the risk of osteoporosis, an unpleasant condition in which your bones and joints become weak. So, try staying active and opt for moderate exercises during this phase.

Essential facts about menopause

7. Menopause May Affect Your Sleep Cycle
This is one fact that not many women are aware of. Because of all the hormonal imbalance, a woman might either sleep too little or sleep too much during this phase. This condition may vary from a person to person.

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