14 Vegetables That Lower Cholesterol Naturally

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Cholesterol can be both your friend and foe. When the cholesterol is at a normal level, it becomes a vital substance for the body's normal functioning. But when it increases, you welcome trouble. They say too much of anything can be bad for health. When there is an increase in cholesterol, your body becomes weak and so does the immune system.

One of the main problems of living with high cholesterol levels is the risk of a heart attack. If you were not aware, cholesterol is an oil-based substance in the body which does not mix with the blood since it is water-based. It is therefore carried around the body in the blood by lipoproteins.


Today, research suggests that the only way one can lower cholesterol naturally is by consuming a lot of vegetables. Being summer, the markets are filled with numerous vegetables which are good for your health. These summer vegetables that lower cholesterol naturally should be consumed on a daily basis to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Some of the main reasons for the increase in cholesterol is due to one's diet and being overweight. Cholestrol can attack anyone, no matter what age you are at.

To stay healthy and fit, here are some of the vegetables that lower cholesterol naturally:



Beans contain soluble fibre which helps to optimise digestion and keep weight and cholesterol down. The reason why you should add beans to your diet is because of its high fibre content which slows down the rate of absorption of cholesterol in the body.


Yes, one of the many vegetables that lower cholesterol naturally is garlic. A regular intake of garlic reduces LDL also known as the bad cholesterol and raises HDL which is the good cholesterol. Garlic contains an active substance called Allicin which helps to lower the cholesterol naturally in the body.


Spinach contains lutein, a substance which helps to lower cholesterol in the body. This lutein also helps in preventing heart attacks by helping the artery walls shrug off cholesterol invaders that cause clogging.




If you are fond of green veggies, then you should add cauliflower in your diet. This vegetable contains sterols which keep cholesterol numbers down and block the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines as well.


Tomato is the best source of lycopene which helps to fight against the accumulation of cholesterol on the artery walls. One should cooked tomatoes as it contains high amount of lycopene


One of the vegetables that lower cholestrol naturally is eggplant. It is a low-calorie vegetable which is a good source of soluble fiber.


Beta-carotene, which is present in carrots, is a powerful antioxidant to reduce cholesterol naturally in the body. It is one of the best and natural ways to keep your cholesterol level in track.


When you eat onions raw as well as cooked, you are feeding your body with a lot of proteins to help fight the high level of cholesterol in the body.

Collard greens

This is one of the vegetables that lower the bad cholesterol levels in the body. If you consume one to two servings of collard green twice in a week, you are sure to lead a healthy life.

Red Peppers

Any food which contains a high amount of Vitamin C can help to reduce cholesterol naturally. Adding colourful red peppers will help you lower cholesterol in no time.

Shitake Mushrooms

Shitake mushrooms, which contains eritadenine, helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body. They also contain lentinan which not only helps to lower cholesterol but also prevent the risk of cancer by boosting the immune system.


If you are suffering with obesity or from high cholesterol, a regular intake of asparagus will help to reduce the cholesterol levels.


Yet another vegetable that lowers cholesterol naturally. Okra also lowers the risk of heart disease since it contains fibre which keeps the body fit.


During summer, one should make sure to add cucumber to their diet. It helps to cool the body and also reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

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