Yoga That You Can Do At Office!

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Office Yoga
Yoga st office? Do not be surprised. Yoga is not just about surya namaskara or hanging upside down from the ceiling. Functional yoga is full of relaxation that can help you recharge your energy metre at work. When you are having a hell of a busy day and are totally stressed about it then you have to fall back on stress busters that will keep you going. Yoga is one such practice that can relax and rejuvenate you even before you know it.

Here are some of the relaxation techniques from the yogic sages. The practice of this kind of yoga in your office won't draw attention.

Ways To Do Yoga At Office:

1. Right Posture For Meditation: You slump back into your chair, throw your tired head back, close your eyes and think that your are meditating? Unfortunately you are not. Everything has a way and relaxing is not an exception to it. If you want to wake up fresh then don't sleep. Sit with a straight back, fold your legs into each other (you can do this on a chair or sit on the floor of your conference room) fold your hands on your lap and meditate with eyes closed. Even 5 minutes of this will calm you down.

2. Neck Stretches: Our neck takes a bad beating due to constant hours of work in front of the computer. Yoga at office can help you release the cramp in your neck muscles. Sit or stand up straight and keep your hands safely on your lap. Lower your chin towards your chest to work the back muscles. Now, bend your head right (parallel to the shoulder blade), breathe deeply a couple of times and revert to original position. Do the same for your left side.

3. Wrist Unwinding: It is your hands that is doing all the work. Especially if you have a desk job then you will be typing constantly and often by the end of the day your fingers get locked. To avoid this you can soothe your wrists and fingers using a simple relaxation technique. Hold up you hand ahead of you in 'stopping' position and then from behind, lace the fingers of your other hand with it. Push back your palms and relax. Change hands after 10 counts.

4. Release Stress, Breathe Easy: Breathing exercises are the best stress busters of all. If you get enough oxygen into your body, your mind starts releasing stress naturally. But there is a way to do breathing exercises too. Sit straight with a straight back and legs folded. Place your hands on your stomach as you breathe deeply. Breath in through your nose and breathe out with the 'O' of your lips. All you tension will be exhaled through the depth breaths you exhale.

Follow some of these yogic good health tips while doing yoga in office to refresh yourself.

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