Simple Cure For Excessive Burping

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Excessive Burp
May be it is a big thing for Paul Hunn, who has a guiness record for burping 109 decibles (loudest so far) but the fact is, it is an embarrassing flatulence. One in every ten suffer from excessive burping and bad breath which is bad manners and have tried solutions but ineffective. Today, we will discuss on burping cure with some natural home remedies. Take a look.

Burping is caused when the food passage is filled with air bubbles (that are formed while talking, laughing, sitting in odd positions etc). The bubbles rise in form of burps and all you have to do to avoid this is provide a direct passage for food.

Generally, eating slowly, chewing food properly (atleast 10 times) and conversing when no food in the mouth will prevent excessive burping. Avoid fizzy drinks, onion and spices.

Home Remedies For Excessive Burping
1. Mint – The tea prepared from fresh mint leaves is believed to stop belching. Herbal teas, natural antacids like baking soda, basil tea, hibiscus tea instantly cure burping. Mint is also a mouth freshener.

2. Asafoetida – The pungent herb prevents excessive gas formation in the stomach. It can be taken by adding to butter milk or lemon juice.

3. Lemon & Vinegar – Although alcohol is bad for excessive burping, vinegar with lemon can prevent consumed before meal. The home remedy prevent belching and acid formation.

4. Garlic, Ginger & Cloves – A paste of garlic and clove is mixed with butter milk or warm water. The mixture reduces chances of indigestion and even gas.

5. Fenugreek – A teaspoon of fenugreek in the empty stomach is the best natural cure for burping. The bitter herb keeps mouth fresh and healthy.

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