Eat Green Vegetables Without Cribbing!

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Eat Green Vegetables
Green leafy vegetables is not liked by everyone. The taste and non spicy green leafy vegetables can spoil the dish completely. Dieters especially hate to eat those green vegetables just to lose weight. Green vegetables are healthy and filled with nutrition which not only helps lose weight but also provides energy, keep you active, improves blood count and allows proper functioning of the body. If you want to enjoy the benefits of eating green vegetables, here are few healthy and delicious ways to have them without cribbing.

Healthy ways to eat green vegetables painlessly:

1. Avoid overcooking the vegetables. This reduces the proteins and minerals from the vegetable and also loses taste. Little cooked is crunchy and nutritious.

2. Cream toppings can make the boring green nutritious dish tasty for dieters. For effective weight loss, use low fat cream for toppings.

3. One of the easiest ways to eat green leafy vegetables without cribbing is by making soup! It is painlessly the best way to add low fat food in your diet and lose weight too!

4. Try different cooking methods to make the green vegetables dishes tasty and filling. Instead of just sticking to steaming or boiling, you can even grill or roast some vegetables and eat painlessly.

5. Spices add different taste and flavour to the dish. Add black pepper, red chilli powder, cinnamon and cloves to make the dish tasty.

6. Purees and curries make the dish tasty and filling. Just add little puree and and spices to eat green vegetables painlessly. Even kids won't crib after seeing the dish.

7. Garnishing makes the dish appear more appealing. You can make the vegetables look delicious by garnishing with seasonings.

Try these healthy ways to eat green vegetables without cribbing.

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