10 Juices For 10 Health Issues!

If you knew that some juices can cure certain minor health ailments? Would you still prefer popping in pills? Well, juices would be a better option, right?

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Yes, it isn't healthy to gulp a pill for a minor headache or fever. It is better to first try some natural remedy as that would keep your system safe from side effects that pills could cause.

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Of course, major health issues need doctors and tablets but as long as your health issue is a minor one, try the below remedies that involve smoothies.


Though depression cannot be cured with a simple juice, you can feel better with a s juice made of beetroot, spinach, apple and carrot.


Drink a juice made of lemon juice, garlic, apple, spinach and carrot to cope up with asthma symptoms


Though nervousness is a psychological issue, sometimes the roots could be physiological, try a smoothie with
pomegranate, celery and carrot.


Beat stress with a simple juice made of pears, strawberry and a banana!


Arthritis might need a lot to cope up with. Try a juice made of lemon, pineapple, celery and carrot to help cope up with the pain.


Try a juice with celery, ginger, kale, cucumber and apple if you are suffering from a headache.


Digestive issues can be tackled with a smoothie made of mint leaves, lemon, carrot and pineapple.


If you feel exhausted and tired try a smoothie made of spinach, lemon, apple, beetroot and carrots.


If you are suffering from ulcers consult your doctor before trying a juice made of lemon, pineapple, celery and carrot.


Prepare a juice with cabbage, apple and carrot to cure constipation.

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