24 Tips: How To Use Food As Medicine

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For most of us, medicines are tablets and pills. But in the ancient times, food was both food and medicine too. Yes, many foods have healing effects and that is why you can use foods to prevent and heal certain disorders.

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For example, if you look at garlic and ginger, both of them are super foods as they contain both nutrients and healing properties too.

There are many foods that can prevent many disorders. But of course, if you are already suffering from serious medical conditions, it may not be advisable to rely only on foods to cure your conditions. Consult your doctor. But if one cultivates the habit of eating healthy from a young age, many ailments can be prevented up to an extent.

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Here are some foods which act as remedies or preventive measure for some health issues.

High Blood Pressure

Olive oil and celery are said to lower your blood pressure. Include them in your diet. Use olive oil for cooking purposes.


Eat a few cloves of garlic to prevent cold. Garlic also helps in minimizing cholesterol levels.

Poor Memory

You need zinc as it boosts your memory power. Nuts, pumpkin seeds and fish can provide you the necessary levels of zinc.

Hay Fever

Add a few drops of honey to a cup of yoghurt and enjoy it to prevent hay fever much before the seasonal changes.

Breast Cancer

Cabbage is said to help maintain healthy estrogen levels. Some sources claim that it can prevent breast cancer too.


Bananas can be a good remedy. But you can also cut an apple and eat it after it turns a bit darker. This is said to cure diarrhea.


Eat water melon. It is 90% water. Also, it contains lycopene that prevents certain cancers. It also provides potassium.


Add a few drops of honey to a cup of milk and consume it before you go to sleep. You may fall asleep soon.

Bones Issues

Eat pineapple as it is said to contain manganese which prevents osteoporosis. It is also good in healing fractures faster.


Guava and papaya contain vitamin C which boosts your immunity. They also provide some fibre content too.

Kidney Stones

Drinking orange juice regularly may help in preventing kidney stones. Oranges can also prevent common cold.

Free Radical Damage

Eat berries as they are said to contain lots of antioxidants that combat free radical damage. Strawberries and blueberries top the list.

Prostrate Problems

Including tomatoes in your diet may help in preventing prostate problems up to an extent.


Gastric ulcer can be prevented if you consume cabbage regularly as it is said to have certain compounds that heal ulcers.

Clogged Arteries

The mono-unsaturated fat present in avocados is said to be healthy. In fact, they are said to lower cholesterol.


Some sources say that fish oil can prevent certain types of headaches. Fish can reduce inflammation too.


Some fish like sardine and salmon are said to boost immunity and prevent arthritis too.

Blood Sugar Issues

Peanuts and broccoli contain chromium. They are said to be good in regulating blood sugar levels.


As a preventive measure, green tea helps in preventing stroke as it can clear the arteries.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Certain sources claim that corn flakes are good in preventing anxiety, fatigue and depression associated with PMS.

Bladder Infection

The juice of cranberry is said to contain certain compounds that can control the bacteria which trouble your bladder.

Upset Stomach

Bananas and ginger are good remedies for an upset stomach. They can also prevent nausea.


Onion helps in preventing certain breathing issues. It eases the breathing process and helps you cope up with asthma symptoms.


Cayenne pepper can be a good remedy for cough. But consume it in moderation.

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Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2016, 8:45 [IST]
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