14 Habits That Work Like Remedies

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Health issues should be prevented because curing may not be successful all the time. In order to prevent certain health issues like obesity or high blood pressure, you can cultivate simple habits.

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You don't need to do major sacrifices like changing your entire diet. Even simple habits can work like remedies to prevent many health issues in the long run.

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In this post, let us discuss such simple habits which are easy to follow. But don't forget to eat healthy and don't neglect your workouts to maintain good health. Read on...


Eating a banana can reduce feelings of nausea. Yes, it can also stabilise your blood sugar too.


Occasionally, eating cashew nuts as a snack can help in controlling your blood pressure.


Drinking cumin water every morning may help you in losing weight faster.


Eating walnuts could also prevent cardiovascular diseases.


When you feel totally dehydrated, drink a glass of lemon water as it could replenish salts in your body.

Water Melon

Water melons are good for your kidneys and they also hydrate your body well.


Almonds are good for your nervous system. Eat them like a snack.


Certain studies claim that grapes are good for your brain. Enjoy them to boost your brain power.


Kiwi is good for digestion. Enjoy one in the afternoon at least twice a week.


Buttermilk is a good coolant that cools down your system. It also aids digestion. But if you are lactose intolerant, avoid it.

Plain Sodas

When your stomach feels upset, drinking a cup of plain soda water might help. But don't make this a habit.


Pistachio nut help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. But don't overeat them.


Apples are said to protect your heart and minimise cholesterol levels too. Enjoy apples as your evening snack.


Apricots are said to help in preventing type 2 diabetes. Enjoy them in moderation.

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Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2016, 8:17 [IST]
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