Fruits That Contain Less Sugar

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Fruits are very healthy as they provide many nutrients. But most of us hate the fact that they contain sugar and that's why we tend to think twice before eating them.

But as fruits contain antioxidants, minerals, fibre, water content and vitamins, it is better to eat them regularly. But, what about the sugar content?

Well, if you are too worried about the sugar levels that fruits contain, then here is a list of some low-sugar fruits. Enjoy them without any worries.


Eat an orange instead of juicing it. Orange juice contains more sugar. Eat a raw orange as it contains only around 11 grams of sugar.


An apple comes with around 17-18 grams of sugar. It is a lot better than its juice which contains more sugar.


A peach comes with only 12 gms of sugar. Use it to fulfill your sugar cravings.



Though they taste sweet, they are said to contain low sugar. A cup of these berries contain 5 gms of sugar.




They are low in sugar and also contain fibre and healthy fats. They contain only a couple of grams of sugar.


They contain protein fibre and less sugar. Enjoy them as a snack instead of eating sweets.


They contain fibre and come with very less sugar. They are the best low-sugar fruits to enjoy frequently.


A grapefruit comes with around 8 gms of sugar. Enjoy it without feeling guilty.

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